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Dermios Cream 200ml

Dermios Cream 200ml

Bio Cheval
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Protective Itch Care

This balm creates a protective film on the affected areas of equines affected by summer itching.

Its soothing and insect-repellent action will provide your animal with rapid comfort.

Particularly suitable for the area around the udder and the sheath, head, thighs and under the belly.

For the mane and tail, the liquid Dermios will constitute a more practical and economic solution.



Shea butter
Calendula and Yarrow macerate
Aloe Vera
Juniper oil
Lavender essential oil
Organic ingredients 100%

Use :

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Equidae concerned :



Dermios Cream combines the properties of Dermios with the soothing and softening virtues of aloe vera and shea butter to combat summer itching. Thicker than Dermios, it is particularly suitable for delicate areas of access such as the ears, the sheath and the stomach


Calendula and yarrow macerate, shea butter andaloe vera provide immediate comfort. The skin is soothed, softened and moisturised for better healing

Juniper oil andlavender essential oil ensure good hygiene of the affected areas and promote the natural regeneration of the skin. Their strong smell helps to repel biting insects.

Finally, the film formed by the beeswax allows an effective protection of the damaged skin and a better holding of the cream.


Shea butter, Calendula and yarrow macerate, Aloe Vera, Juniper oil, Lavender essential oil, Beeswax

Frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between Dermios and Dermios cream?

Dermios has a fast action to promote skin hygiene and stop itching. Its strong smell repels biting insects. It impregnates perfectly the zones with hairs. Frequency of application: daily

The Dermios cream is more discreet (smell, colour) and more practical for delicate areas such as the inside of the thighs, around the ears, the head, the sheath ... It has a strong protective action on the affected areas as it forms a protective film and remains on the skin for a long time.

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