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Online only Birch, detoxifying plant for horses

Birch Bio 1 Kg

Bio Cheval
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The birch leaf is a diuretic and depurative plant useful in the event of engorgement and water retention

at the level of the members.


Birch contains flavonoids, in particular hyperoside, with diuretic and depurative properties. A cure of birch is useful in the treatment of rheumatic pains by supporting the elimination of chloride and uric acid. It is also useful to treat the problem of water retention and edema of the limbs by its diuretic action disinfiltrating.It also has a function of elimination of toxins accumulated in the blood.


Birch leaf 1 kg from organic farming


3 measures per day for a horse of 500 kg

Data sheet

Net weight
1 kg
% Of the product from organic farming:
Volume of packaging:
8 liters

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Ask us a question

  • Can we combine several Bio-Cheval supplements?

    It is quite possible to give several products simultaneously.

    - It is preferable in this case to give the plants in several times to promote the effectiveness and reduce the risks of waste. Nevertheless, if you can only give the dose of plants in one go, it is not very serious.

    - You should avoid giving each mixture every other day as this will make them much less useful. 

    Two special cases:  

    - It is not recommended to give full doses if you combine several products with seaweed. That could cause an overdose of iodine. Example: Podomix + Lactamix 

    - If you buy a pure plant and a mixture of plants, it is necessary to make sure that the pure plant does not already appear in the composition of the mixture. 

  • Faut-il donner les plantes en cure ou à l'année ?

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By (Aboncourt-sur-Seille , France) on  08 Feb 2018 (Birch Bio 1 Kg) :

Rapide et efficace

Mes chevaux apprécient, je leur fais une cure 2 fois par an pour désengorger le foie et les reins. Ils le mangent mélanger à leur ration sinon non. Je pense qu'il faudrait que la préparation soit en poudre comme l'harpagophytum de votre gamme. De ce fait, le mélange serait plus homogène dans la ration et éviterai au cheval du faire du tri.

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