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Lactamix 1kg

Lactamix 1kg

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Lactamix promotes quality lactation and supports the lactating mare. This natural and organically grown composition is a quality feed supplement, with no additives harmful to the health of the mare or foal.


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Two modes of action:

- To promote sufficient lactation.

- To improve the quality of lactation for the good development of the foal.

Plants used

Lactamix combines two essential plants to stimulate lactation:

Fenugreek, which is also an excellent source of interesting nutrients (proteins in large proportions, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can be assimilated: phosphorus, iron, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A, B1, C ...) and fennel (Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, ...).

The benefits of these two plants are combined with the richness of two algae - Fucus and Lithothamnion -and Chia seeds, for a complete intake and quality lactation.

Artichoke and dandelion, traditionally used to support the metabolism and liver functions, improve the assimilation and use of food resources by the brood mare.

Finally, this composition is completed by the presence of two excellent remineralizing plants:nettle (anti-anemic, stimulating lactation) and horsetail, whose richness in silica promotes the growth and maintenance of bone and cartilage tissue.

Composition :

Fenugreek, Fennel

Ascophyllum, Lithothamnion, Fucus, Chia, Artichoke, Dandelion, Nettle, Horsetail

Composition 90% Organic

Plants: 100% from organic farming

Algae: Fucus certified Ecocert

Lithothamnion not certified

Noble parts of the plant/alga. No additives.

Instructions for use and conservation:

Close the bucket tightly after use to preserve the product from humidity.

The plants must be dry and have a pleasant smell.

Seaweed and coral are in powder form: a white or green deposit on the plants is therefore quite normal in products that contain them.

Administered once or twice a day, alone or in the ration

10 grams per 100kg per day. Ex: 50g per day for a 500kg horse.

To obtain the desired effect quickly, the first 5 days, increase to 15g per 100kg ("loading dose").

(A unique dosage that would be suitable for 100% of the horses cannot be defined:

It is through careful observation of the equine that it is possible to adjust the amount to be given each day for optimal action)

One kilo bucket (21 days cure)

Complementary and alternative cures

During pregnancy, it is preferable to use Gestamix to support the mare.

The transition to lactamix can be made one week before term.

Association with other supplements:

Lactamix can be given at the same time as another supplement.

For a broodmare lacking in condition or form, it is possible to combine this product with a course of spirulina, Vitamix or Perfmix.

When it is possible to foresee the due date, a combination of Lactamix and Raspberry can be given the last week before the due date in order to stimulate lactation and facilitate foaling.

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By (Davézieux , France) on  31 May 2021 (Lactamix 1kg) :

top produit

Je recommande ce mélange dont raffole ma jument primipare.
Elle a un lait d'excellente qualité, elle dévore ce mélange tous les jours et ma pouliche grandit très bien.
De plus, la composition permet d'agir sur d'autres fonctions que la quantité et qualité de lait, elle booste l'immunité et aide au drainage hépato renal.
Le rapport qualité/prix est sans conteste.

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