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Bio-Cheval, your natural and organic horse care store

✓ 100% natural materials.

✓ U-pick and organic farming.

✓ Over 10 years of experience in producing organic equine care and supplemental feeds

✓ No more unnecessary purchases thanks to the "Satisfied or refunded" guarantee valid until the end of the product.

✓ All types of equines: horse, donkey, pony. Maintenance, breeding, competition.

✓ All types of activity: maintenance, breeding, competition, retirement

Our choices

We favour the plant fragments compared to powder. The chewing is thus favored. The trainer identifies precisely what he is presenting to the animal

L'absence of molasses and cereal by-products guarantees the respect of the digestive functioning of the horse and allows you to do not include more sugars in food.

The lotions and creams are to be 100% composed of active ingredients. The entire composition is useful for the skin or the hoof

Each ingredient is mentioned on the product sheet. The beneficial effect of each component is explained in the description. You can thus evaluate the interest that the product can present for your horse thanks to an informed understanding of the objectives of the composition

Our team remains at your disposal to bring the necessary precisions concerning a particular product

You are likely to find what you are looking for if ...

❖ You want a supplement or care that respects the health of your equine

❖ You have a horse with a delicate digestion or metabolism

❖ You've already seen all the benefits of plants and you want to give them to your horse.

❖ You are attracted to products whose effects and risks you can easily know, since ultimately better known than the artificial additives used today by industry