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Spirulina Powder

Spirulina Powder

Bio Cheval
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Spirulina is a wealth of nutrients that strengthen the body, strengthen the immune system and improve athletic performance


Spirulina (Spirulinia platensis) has been more than three billion years. Named for its spiral shape, it belongs to the family of cyanobacteria or blue-green microalgae. It provides a large amount of nutrients in a very small volume. Thus, it contains about 60% protein (with the presence of all amino acids) as well as vitamins (provitamin A, B12, E. ...), iron, gamma-linolenic acid (protective tissue ) and other minerals.

The properties of spirulina based on its composition, both quantitatively and qualitatively it a "supercocktail" perfectly balanced elements essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is this wealth that gives him his virtues rebalancing with a natural anti-deficiency the most comprehensive to date, its virtues eénergisantes, toning and revitalizing with an anti-fatigue very important.

It can therefore support the efforts of sportsmen (protective tissue, decrease adverse effects of lactic acid, thus preventing cramps and injuries). it has a restorative action and improves immunity.


Importance of quality!

Our spirulina from a production site and controlled performance. A method of drying sweet (50 ° C) and slow (90 min) that preserves the integrity of the cell and keeps all the nutritional and taste - unlike the Spray Drying (fragmentation), fast and high temperature that kills cellules.Sans adding excipient.



Spirulina 250 g


1 measurement per day for a 500kg horse

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By (MEILHARDS, France) on  06 Feb 2021 (Spirulina Powder) :

Satisfaite de ce produit

Résultats probants pour remise en forme d'une jument ayant eue une infection respiratoire

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By (Roannes st mary, France) on  10 Oct 2018 (Spirulina Powder) :


j'ai fais une cure sur ma jument pour préparé une grosse course d'endurance et ma jument c'est retrouvé pleines de vitalité tout au long de la course je referais régulièrement des cures !!

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