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Pack "Hoof resistance"

Pack "Hoof resistance"

Bio Cheval
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Discover the pack "Hoof resistance" for a better growth and a solid horn!

Laurel oil is combined with Podomix for rapid effectiveness.

Products from organic farming and compositions respectful of the horse's nature.


The growth of the hoof

The hoof wall is formed from the cells located in the perioplic pad, just above the hoof

The quality of the wall is influenced by the living environment (soil type, humidity), feeding and maintenance.

To solve problems linked to poor horn quality, it is therefore necessary to ensure that the foot is properly hydrated, that the feed is of sufficient quality and that the hoof is well maintained (especially trimming)

The "Foot Resistance" pack not only allows you to intervene on the quality of the food, but also to stimulate the activity of the cells of the perioplic pad for a faster growth


Podomix provides additional minerals, vitamins, trace elements, proteins, essential fatty acids, etc. to promote quality horn

Plants used:

-Nettle contains many active ingredients: vitamins from the B, A, C and E groups, minerals such as magnesium, iron or silica and trace elements (copper, zinc, etc.). It is its richness in silica, zinc and vitamins that makes it useful in the growth of the horn and the improvement of its quality.

-The cynorrodon is very rich in vitamin C. It contains essential fatty acids, minerals, trace elements and other vitamins, which makes it an essential ally in avoiding deficiencies. It is also a natural source of biotin. Its richness favours the growth of horn and mane

- HorsetailThis plant, rich in silica and minerals, not only contributes to the good quality of the hooves, but also ensures the resistance and suppleness of the internal tissues and cartilages. It is a particularly interesting plant for everything that affects the locomotion of the horse

- The rockweeds is a real gold mine because of its richness in trace elements (copper, zinc, selenium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphur, silicon, iron). It also provides proteins (all amino acids) and vitamins C and B. Sulphur is essential for the synthesis of vitamins and the efficiency of hormones. It is an essential anti-wasting agent and a precious ally for the resistance of the hooves.


Nettle, horsetail, rose hip, rockweed.

Instructions for use :

Administered once or twice a day, alone or given in the ration

10 grams per 100kg per day. Ex: 50g per day for a 500kg horse.

To obtain the desired effect quickly, the first 5 days, increase to 15g per 100kg ("loading dose").

(A single dosage that would be suitable for 100% of equines can obviously not be defined:

It is by careful observation of the horse that it is possible to adjust the quantity to be given each day for an optimal action)

One kilo bucket (21 days cure)

Noble laurel oil

Laurel oil is known for its exceptional properties, particularly with regard to the growth and quality of the horn. It improves the appearance of the foot and makes it healthier and more resistant

Used on the whole foot to slow down dehydration in dry weather, it acts to prevent dryness and seimes and contributes to good foot hygiene.

Applied in the crown, at the level of the perioplic bulge, it will penetrate the tissues to stimulate the cells responsible for the growth of the foot

This oil is obtained by the laurel leaf maceration Noble in organicolive oil bio.

The essential oil of Noble Laurel is added to this preparation in order to reinforce its action by making the horn benefit from all the virtues of the Noble Laurel


Laurel oil 100% from organic farming. Laurel EO

Instructions for use :

Apply to a clean, dry wall to promote penetration and adhesion of the oil.

To stimulate growth, apply to the crown and the perioplic and crown beading Apply the oil only to this area if you have a horse whose wall tends to soften with a flaring phenomenon of the foot.

As this product is 100% natural and without additives, it is normal to observe a slight deposit


Jar with brush of 500ml

Close the jar tightly after use to protect the product from moisture.

Vegetable oils freeze at low temperatures, making application difficult

Placing the jar in a heated room before use will result in a more liquid texture and is practical in winter.

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By (Lisle Sur Tarn, France) on  28 Nov 2021 (Pack "Hoof resistance") :

Très bon produit

J’ai acheté ce produit il y a un mois et j’en suis très satisfaite.J’ai vite vu une amélioration sur les sabots de mon cheval et en plus il l’adore.Les plantes utilisées semblent de très bonne qualité,sans poussière et l’odeur est très agréable.
Je recommande

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By (Chorges, France) on  05 Sep 2021 (Pack "Hoof resistance") :


Les sabots de mon cheval ne poussaient pas assez, le maréchal avait de plus en plus de mal à le reférrer, les trous des nouveaux clous étant très proches des anciens, ça cassait, il déferrait...
Mais "pas de pieds, pas de cheval !", il fallait faire quelque chose !
Grace à cette cure, aucun problème pour la ferrure cette fois ci !

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By (Charmes sur rhone, France) on  31 May 2021 (Pack "Hoof resistance") :

Hyper pratique

Pack complet et hyper pratique. Les deux produits associés fonctionnent super bien, jument pur sang pied nu très sensible des pieds et avec les deux produits pieds beaucoup moins cassé et moins sensibles

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