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Blond Premium 500g

Baume nourrissant pour sabot

Bio Cheval
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Resistance and flexibility of the horn

This blond ointment is a natural care for equine hooves

Particularly suitable for the summer season. It can also be applied as a crown, to give the foot the benefit of all the virtues of the noble laurel oil.


Composition :

Shea butter
Honey of thyme
Oil of Noble Laurel
Tea Tree essential oil
Organic ingredients 100%

Use :

Usage externe.png

Equidae concerned:


This balm is a high quality care 100% natural, 100% Organic. It moisturizes, nourishes and protects the hoof.


The nourishing balm :

- Penetrates, moisturizes and nourishes the hoof in depth.

- Stimulates the growth of the foot.

- Treats or prevents the drying out of the hoof wall.

- Has an antimicrobial action for a good hygiene of the fork.


- Shea butter rich in vitamin A nourishes the foot in depth, protects it and promotes growth.

- The honey of thyme thus prevents the rotting of the fork by taking part in the hygiene of the hoof and by preserving it from an excess of moisture. It is also a natural emollient: it gives the hoof an excellent suppleness and elasticity, thus preventing seimes or other lesions due to too hard or not very elastic hooves.

-Laurel oil accelerates the growth of the hoof and improves its quality: it prevents the drying out and the formation of seimes.

- Beeswax protects the hoof wall, ensures a shiny effect and retains moisture

- Finally, the essential oil of Tea Tree allows a good hygiene of the fork.


Shea butter, Laurel macerate, Beeswax, Honey, Essential oils

These components are all resulting from the organic farming.

Conditioning :

Jar of 500ml

Close the jar after use to preserve the product from humidity.

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By (PERRUSSON, France) on  21 Sep 2019 (Baume nourrissant pour sabot) :

Blond Premium

j 'apprécie que ce produit ne contienne pas de paraffine.
Il est de bonne qualité et pénètre sans laisser une couche collante.

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