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DigestMix - Organic - Transit & Digestion

DigestMix - Organic - Transit & Digestion

Bio Cheval
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Equine supplement for digestion

- Usage: Equine ration supplement.

- Role: Facilitates digestion (mucilaginous plants & fibre contribution), helps to preserve intestinal transit.

- Animals concerned: Horses, donkeys, ponies. No known contra-indications

- Advantages : Natural and organic product without additive, without conservative.

- Practicality : 1kg resealable jar with spoon. Integrated clay bag for conservation.


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This 100% organic supplement promotes digestion in horses prone to colic.

Its composition includes essential plants for transit and digestion: Chamomile, Melissa, Mallow, Peppermint and Thyme. Their relaxing and calming action supports a good intestinal transit and reduces the risk of colics related to the stress

Yarrow is an excellent anti-flatulence and anti-gas food. It favors the assimilation of the nutritive resources available to the horse.

The artichoke has a positive influence on the functioning of the liver and kidneys

Composition :

Lemon balm, yarrow, matricaria, mallow, peppermint, wild thyme, artichoke.
100% of this composition is from organic farming.

No additives. Noble parts of the plant only

Directions for use :

Close the bucket well after each use to preserve the product from moisture

The plants must be dry and have a pleasant smell

Administered once or twice a day, alone or given in the ration

10 grams per 100kg per day. Ex: 50g per day for a 500kg horse.

To obtain the desired effect quickly, the first 5 days, increase to 15g per 100kg ("loading dose").

(A unique dosage that would be suitable for 100% of the horses cannot be defined
It is by careful observation of the equine that it is possible to adjust the amount to be given each day for optimal action)

Packaging :

One kilo bucket allowing a 3 week cure for an average horse.

Associations and alternatives

For horses prone to ulcers: Ulcerix

For horses under stress, with a very sensitive digestive system or having undergone heavy medical treatments, various associations are possible between Digestmix, Ulcerix, Calmix and Drainamix

Data sheet

Net weight
1 kg
% Of the product from organic farming:
Weight with packaging:
1.2 kg
Volume of packaging:
8 liters
Main action:
Promotes digestion
Secondary action:
Prevention of colic and stomach ulcers
Plant cut into 1 cm

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Ask us a question

  • Can we combine several Bio-Cheval supplements?

    It is quite possible to give several products simultaneously.

    - It is preferable in this case to give the plants in several times to promote the effectiveness and reduce the risks of waste. Nevertheless, if you can only give the dose of plants in one go, it is not very serious.

    - You should avoid giving each mixture every other day as this will make them much less useful. 

    Two special cases:  

    - It is not recommended to give full doses if you combine several products with seaweed. That could cause an overdose of iodine. Example: Podomix + Lactamix 

    - If you buy a pure plant and a mixture of plants, it is necessary to make sure that the pure plant does not already appear in the composition of the mixture. 

  • Faut-il donner les plantes en cure ou à l'année ?

 Customer ratings and reviews
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By (Plouha, France) on  14 Feb 2022 (DigestMix - Organic - Transit & Digestion) :


Cela fait quelques jours que j'ai commencé Digest mix sur mon cheval, et j'ai vu une nette amélioration, cela lui a fait beaucoup de bien.

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By (St Justin, France) on  15 Nov 2021 (DigestMix - Organic - Transit & Digestion) :

Très très apprécié par mon Merens

Mon cheval attend son goûter avec impatience ! C'est chouette de pouvoir l'aider avec vos produits qui sont d'une très grande qualité.

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By (Campagne les boulonnais, France) on  15 Jul 2020 (DigestMix - Organic - Transit & Digestion) :


Une grande aide à la digestion pour mon poney qui a fait des coliques, excellent remède!

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By (Py, France) on  21 May 2020 (DigestMix - Organic - Transit & Digestion) :

efficacité bio

J'ai une merens de 10 ans qui avec sa stress attitude et l'herbe verte du printemps, me faisait de la diarrhée depuis plus de 2 mois. J'ai commencé avec calmix ce qui la rendue un peu plus zen et diarrhée un peu moins liquide mais pas top. Donc il y a 10 jours, digestmix et depuis aujourdhui crottins version boulettes un peu molles mais ça commence à faire effets donc à suivre mais concluant.

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By (Mouen, France) on  14 Jan 2019 (DigestMix - Organic - Transit & Digestion) :

On est bien

Je commence seulement donc j’attends un peu pour vous donner mon avis en effet mon cheval a été très malade le mois dernier et passage à trois reprises du Veterinaire donc belle facture ... je vous recontacter ai dans quelques semaines . Je vous avez demandé conseils d’ailleurs à ce sujet merci beaucoup

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