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Food supplement for psychological and digestive well-being.

Peppermint Bio 1kg

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Peppermint leaves for digestive and psychological well-being. Suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys


Peppermint : Intestinal hygiene and relaxation

Peppermint is used to help preserve digestive comfort

It is indicated for the equids

- Whose nervousness has consequences on digestion and transit.

- Whose digestive system has been weakened or attacked

- Who have difficulty with dietary changes

For particularly delicate individuals, the effectiveness of mint can be increased by using it in synergy with other digestive plants

As this plant is not much appreciated by intestinal parasites, its use tends to reduce the risks of infestation between two deworming treatments

Finally, peppermint promotes well-being by improving relaxation and relaxation without "putting horses to sleep"

Composition :

Peppermint bio - Mentha piperita

Aerial parts


Up to 10g / day per 100kg

50g / day for a horse of 500kg.

It is advisable to adapt the dosage according to the effectiveness noted


Close the bucket well after each use to preserve the product from humidity

The sheets must remain quite dry.

Packaging :

1kg resealable bucket

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Ask us a question

  • Can we combine several Bio-Cheval supplements?

    It is quite possible to give several products simultaneously.

    - It is preferable in this case to give the plants in several times to promote the effectiveness and reduce the risks of waste. Nevertheless, if you can only give the dose of plants in one go, it is not very serious.

    - You should avoid giving each mixture every other day as this will make them much less useful. 

    Two special cases:  

    - It is not recommended to give full doses if you combine several products with seaweed. That could cause an overdose of iodine. Example: Podomix + Lactamix 

    - If you buy a pure plant and a mixture of plants, it is necessary to make sure that the pure plant does not already appear in the composition of the mixture. 

  • Faut-il donner les plantes en cure ou à l'année ?

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