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Spirulina is a wealth of nutrients that strengthen the body, strengthen the immune system and improve athletic performance

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Spirulina (Spirulinia platensis) has been more than three billion years. Named for its spiral shape, it belongs to the family of cyanobacteria or blue-green microalgae. It provides a large amount of nutrients in a very small volume. Thus, it contains about 60% protein (with the presence of all amino acids) as well as vitamins (provitamin A, B12, E. ...), iron, gamma-linolenic acid (protective tissue ) and other minerals.

The properties of spirulina based on its composition, both quantitatively and qualitatively it a "supercocktail" perfectly balanced elements essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is this wealth that gives him his virtues rebalancing with a natural anti-deficiency the most comprehensive to date, its virtues eénergisantes, toning and revitalizing with an anti-fatigue very important.

It can therefore support the efforts of sportsmen (protective tissue, decrease adverse effects of lactic acid, thus preventing cramps and injuries). it has a restorative action and improves immunity.


Importance of quality!

Our spirulina from a production site and controlled performance. A method of drying sweet (50 ° C) and slow (90 min) that preserves the integrity of the cell and keeps all the nutritional and taste - unlike the Spray Drying (fragmentation), fast and high temperature that kills cellules.Sans adding excipient.



Spirulina 1kg



1 measurement per day for a 500kg horse

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