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New Diatomaceous earth (not calcined) - Parasites & humidity

Diatomaceous earth (not calcined) - Parasites & humidity

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Diatomaceous earth is known for its action on external parasites such as lice

But its benefits do not stop at this use

Possible uses

- External parasites: lice, biting insects

- Internal parasites: helps to regulate the activity of worms

- Litter drainer: saves litter and reduces the risk of fork rot

- Complementary food: minerals and trace elements

Two qualities

- White: food quality, finer granulometry adapted to very small parasites

- Grey: thicker granulometry, suitable for litter and large external parasites

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Diatomaceous Earth, an amazing natural product!

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

If the name we give it seems to attest to a terrestrial origin, this material is actually from aquatic environments.

Diatoms are micro-algae whose fossilized skeletons form a sedimentary rock called diatomite.

Grinding this unique rock produces the famous diatomaceous earth

Why is it so special?

Its structure is without natural or synthetic equivalent

The unique structure of the frustules - shells made of silica surrounding the diatoms - gives diatomaceous earth a very effective mechanical action against insects.

Lethal for the latter, which it injures and dehydrates, it is however inoffensive for the Man and the animals

It has a formidable effectiveness for a low impact on the environment

Unlike many insecticides, it does not represent any danger for the environment

On the contrary, its use is very profitable in agriculture

Capable of absorbing more than 150% of its weight in water and nutrients, which it then gradually redistributes, it is recommended for soil improvement


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