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Organic Nettle 1 Kg

Bio Cheval
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Organic nettle is an excellent dietary supplement, whether given alone or incorporated into a synergy of plants.

It is particularly interesting for :

Growth - Intense work - Locomotion problems - Convalescence or lack of tone - Growth and quality of hoof and hair - Skin problems - Deficiencies, insufficient immunity - Drainage - Support of the broodmare


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The interest of the nettle

Nettle is often referred to as a superfood because it contains nutrients that are not always easy to provide:

- Group B vitamins useful for growth.

- Vitamin E growth and development of muscles, immunity.

- Vitamin C stimulation of the muscular system

- Complete proteins contains 18 amino acids including essential amino acids that the body is not able to synthesize by itself and that must be provided by the diet. Amino acids allow the renewal of proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the body. For the same volume of dry matter, nettle is richer than alfalfa.

- Antioxidants (flavonoids) strengthening of the immune system.

- The iron increases the hemoglobin content of the blood and participates in the formation of red blood cells. Hemoglobin and red blood cells ensure the transport of oxygen to the organs. This is why we take care to supplement iron in horses in training, undergoing major efforts or convalescing.

- Calcium combined with boron the latter is involved in the fixation of calcium in the body.

- The zinc ossification, growth, fertility, horn and coat health, collagen formation (allows tissue strength and flexibility). Very rich whole foods, which contain a lot of phosphorus and calcium, can increase zinc requirements.

- Magnesium: ensures the transmission of signals to the muscles. Important for the nervous system and the muscular system. Helps in stress management and muscle recovery. Forages contain most of the time too little magnesium to meet the daily needs of the horse.

- Manganese fertility, bone and cartilage development

- Silicon: Nutrient binding and assimilation. Quality and resistance of tissues (skin, arteries, cartilage), calcium fixation, immune system. It is particularly important to supplement older horses, young growing horses and broodmares with silicon because their needs are greater and the usual feed is often insufficient.

Nettle is also used in a traditional way to drain toxins by stimulating the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

It constitutes a economical solution to provide a large number of nutrients to his horse because it is inexpensive.

Why is is it imperative to choose an organic nettle from unpolluted areas?

Nettle acts as a soil scrubber by absorbing heavy metals and pollutants left behind by man. It is therefore important to select a nettle that does not come from polluted land and that complies with the requirements of organic farming.

Our organic nettle is picked in the mountains, where it is more concentrated in active ingredients and not polluted, in order to meet our quality requirements

To complete the contribution of the nettle:

Nettle can be combined with dried seaweed (fucus, ascophyllum, ...) whose iodine content will complete the supply or with another superfood for an even richer treatment: spirulina, chia, ..

Directions for use:

Administered once or twice a day, alone or given in the ration

10 grams per 100kg per day. Ex: 50g per day for a 500kg horse.

To obtain the desired effect quickly, the first 5 days, increase to 15g per 100kg ("loading dose").

(A single dosage that would be suitable for 100% of equines cannot of course be defined:
It is through careful observation of the horse that it is possible to adjust the amount to be given each day for optimal action)


Close the bucket tightly after use to protect the plants from moisture.

The nettle must be dry and have a pleasant smell.


Bucket of 1kg of organic nettle.

No additives.

Data sheet

Net weight
1 kg
% Of the product from organic farming:
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Volume of packaging:
8 liters
Main action:
Secondary action:
Plant cut into 1 cm
 Customer ratings and reviews
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By (CUGES LES PINS, France) on  10 Dec 2022 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :

Bon produit;

Je donne l'ortie par cure de 3 semaines en compléments d'autres produits pour l'arthrose. Elle participe à la stabilisation de l'arthrose.

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By (Ancourteville sur Hericourt , France) on  30 Sep 2022 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :

Super produit

Ortie bien réputée pour ses bienfaits. Super pratique avec le doseur. Produit en seau pratique et avec doseur.
Très bon produit

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By (Rimbach près guebwiller , France) on  08 Jan 2022 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :


Drainage pour chevaux en association avec de la prêle du bouleaux vignes rouges de la bardane plus artichaut, très bons résultas.

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By (Etables sur mer, France) on  16 Sep 2021 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By (PENNAUTIER, France) on  19 Sep 2020 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :

ortie bio 1 kg

Nul. Que des tiges, que des feuilles poussiéreuses. Impossible de donner à des vieux chevaux n'ayant pas de dents.

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By (MEILHARDS, France) on  21 Jul 2020 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :

Un complèment indispensable

Propriétaire d'une jument âgée de 27 ans, je lui donne (en complément de SeniorMix) de l'ortie depuis un mois. Effets visibles, elle a une meilleure mobilité (surtout en sortant de son box) et paraît moins raide. Produit que je vais lui donner au quotidien. Je suis tellement satisfaite que je complémente aussi mes deux autres juments de 9 et 10 ans, au vu du résultat sur ma "mamie'.

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By (Davézieux , France) on  28 Apr 2018 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :

Super produit

Comme d'habitude, un produit extra qui rebooste bien en sortie d'hiver. Idéal pour ma jument de sport en cure régulières.

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By (Aboncourt-sur-Seille , France) on  08 Feb 2018 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :

Ils adorent

C'est devenu une récompense pour eux. Promis cela très bon remède pour les pti coups de mous.

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By (RIOM, France) on  06 Nov 2017 (Organic Nettle 1 Kg) :

Appétant et simple à utiliser

Suite à un abcès, cure de 3 semaines pour renforcer la corne et reminéraliser l'organisme. Produit très appétant que ma ponette avale avec plaisir, c'est donc très simple à donner en complément ou pas de la ration quotidienne. Je pense que cela lui est bénéfique mais je ne peux l'affirmer. En tous les cas, elle semble avoir très bien récupéré, voire même un peu trop.
Suggestion : contenant en sceau plastique 1kg qui pourrait être recharger au lieu d'être jeté une fois vide car c'est un peu moins bio, du coup.

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