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Fucus Bio 1kg

Fucus Bio 1kg

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Fucus Bio 1 kg. Seaweed harvested in unpolluted environments. Controlled and certified

Competition, gestation, convalescence, tendon sensitivity, fragile manes and hooves


Bladderwrack: the versatile ally of horses.


Also known as Sea Oak, the rockweed is a food of great richness.

It is ideal for supplementing equine rations whose needs are particularly important sport, convalescence, reproduction, weakened hooves and manes, sensitive joint and tendon systems.

Composition of the bladderwrack

Vitamins and minerals

Their role in the body

Vitamin C

Normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin B1

Energy production, Muscular system.

Vitamin B2

Quality of the skin, hooves and manes

Vitamin B6

Form and vitality

Vitamin B12

Energy metabolism and red blood cells


Bone mineralization

Quality of the mane/sabot



Quality of bones, manes, hooves

Reduced risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease


Skeletal growth and strength, tissue resistance


Fertility and reproduction


Articular system: quality of bones and tissues


Nervous system

Fitness and vitality


Bone development



Fitness and vitality

Quality of lactation

Synthesis of thyroid hormones

Essential amino acids

Their role in the body


Neuroprotective, muscle protein synthesis


Brain lipoproteins, collagen, elastin, dental enamel


Hemoglobin, Maintenance of iron concentration, Muscle energy


Renewal of muscle tissue


Immune system, Growth


Protein synthesis


Satiety signal, muscle development


Organic bladderwrack - Fucus vesiculosus

Dried seaweed


Bucket of 1kg.

Instructions for use

Administered alone or in the ration.

12g per day for 200kg

25g per day for 500kg

Do not exceed 50g / day.

Precaution of use:

Do not give bladderwrack and other seaweeds simultaneously (risk of iodine overdose), unless the doses of each are reduced.


Close the bucket tightly after use to protect the plant from moisture.

The plants must be dry and have a pleasant smell.

Our equine supplements containing rockweed :

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Vitamix - Fitness and Vitality

Podomix - Growth and resistance of manes and hooves.

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Tendimix - Tendon comfort

Gestamix - Pregnant mares

Lactamix - Quality of lactation

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Ask us a question

  • Can we combine several Bio-Cheval supplements?

    It is quite possible to give several products simultaneously.

    - It is preferable in this case to give the plants in several times to promote the effectiveness and reduce the risks of waste. Nevertheless, if you can only give the dose of plants in one go, it is not very serious.

    - You should avoid giving each mixture every other day as this will make them much less useful. 

    Two special cases:  

    - It is not recommended to give full doses if you combine several products with seaweed. That could cause an overdose of iodine. Example: Podomix + Lactamix 

    - If you buy a pure plant and a mixture of plants, it is necessary to make sure that the pure plant does not already appear in the composition of the mixture. 

  • Faut-il donner les plantes en cure ou à l'année ?

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