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Chia (graines) Bio - 500g - Récupération, Vitalité, Digestion

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Chia seeds for horse's shape and vitality. 

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Want to learn more about chia seeds in equine nutrition?

This seed, a superfood whose reputation is well established in human nutrition, is no longer in evidence

But did you know that the qualities of this food also make it a choice supplement for horses?

Interest of the Chia Seed

It is the ally of sportsmen.

But also breedingyoung people in growthof the animals weakened.

Its hydrophilic properties help the horse to maintain hydration and electrolytes, and promote the recovery.

Its nutritional richness is important.

« Chia" means " Force"in the Mayan language.

Indeed, this small seed is a source of many nutrients.

- • Essential amino acidsincluding limiting amino acids. They are useful for the production of proteins that ensure the major functions of the body: growth, brain function, immunity, digestion, tissue resistance.

- • Minerals and trace elements Phosphorus, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron. These play a role in the vital functions of the body, the solidity of the skeleton, muscular effort, fertility, immunity

- Good report Omega 3 / Omega 6which helps to rebalance rations containing cereals and/or concentrates.

It promotes digestion and intestinal transit.

The fibers contained in the seed decrease gastric acidity. They also guarantee the good health of the intestinal mucosaby creating an environment during digestion that is favourable to the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. This preserves the gut flora of the horse.

The Chia seed is mucilaginousThis means that it produces a gelatinous substance on contact with water. This facilitates evacuation of large quantities of feed or straw ingested by rather gluttonous animals

This food is therefore of interest to all horses, donkeys and ponies subject to digestive problems - ulcers and excessive gastric acidity, problematic transit and colic - since the risk factors are thus reduced

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