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Online only Hawthorn Organic 1 kg

Hawthorn Organic 1 kg

Bio Cheval
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Hawthorn is cardiac tonic and relaxing.

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Two major ingredients, and the hyperoside vitexin act as regulators of cardiac rhythm.

Hawthorn is

Active on the heart muscle (myocardium): strengthening of contraction (positive inotropic effect) and slightly decreased heart rate (negative chronotropic effect).
Active on blood circulation: vasodilatation of blood vessels (including coronary) with a corresponding slight decrease in blood pressure.
Active on the central nervous system: Slight sedative effect.


Hawthorn 1kg end of organic farming



2 measurements per day for a 500 kg horse

Data sheet

Net weight
1 kg
% Of the product from organic farming:
Volume of packaging:
8 liters

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