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ArthriMix 1 Kg

ArthriMix 1 Kg

Bio Cheval
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Arthrimix involved in bone mineralization and improves joint flexibility. It is ideal as a complement to build on a horse to work for better mobility and prevent joint problems.


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ArthriMix 1 Kg
ArthriMix 1 Kg
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Organic massage oil for equids: pain, stiffness, engorgement, softness.
huile de massage anti-douleurs articulaires Volume-500 ml
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Arthrimix is a food supplement aimed at :
- the mobility and the flexibility of the joints of the horse
- to accompany the measures put in place for horses subject to joint pains or theosteoarthritis.
(See also Navimix or Tendimix for tendon or navicular problems)

Indeed, locomotion problems are particularly disabling for the horse. Stiffness of the back, engorgement of the limbs, lameness in certain cases, are detrimental to the quality of life as well as to performances of the horse.

Arthrimix is a supplement natural, effective without side effects to the usual means of prevention and treatment (veterinary follow-up, adapted living and working conditions, ...) so that the equine benefits from necessary food resources.

It is a synergy of plants traditionally used to provide mobility, flexibility and joint comfort.

Plants used :

- Willow and queen of the meadows provide salicylated derivatives (salicoside) whose properties are identical to those of aspirin, but without digestive side effects.
It was the French pharmacist Leroux who in 1828 isolated the active principle of the willow tree - salicilin - which allowed the synthesis of aspirin a decade later.

- The ash contains rutoside, a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties.
Hippocrates in antiquity, Saint Hildegard in the Middle Ages as well as some modern doctors prescribe it against gout and arthritis.

- The canada fleabanethe Cassis and the Birch complement the spectrum of flavonoids present in the blend for a synergistic action.

- The silica in the horsetail stimulates the synthesis of collagen contained in bone and connective tissue, which promotes the reconstruction of cartilage, improving mobility.

- Finally, the flavonoids, vitamins, iron and minerals naturally present innettle will have a remineralizing and tonic action.


Meadowsweet - Nettle - Birch - Blackcurrant - Ash - Horsetail - Willow - Canada fleabane

Dried leaves, stems and roots. No preservatives. No additives.

Do not give to pregnant mares without veterinary advice.

Instructions for use:

Administered once or twice a day, alone or given in the ration

10 grams per 100kg per day. Ex: 50g per day for a 500kg horse.

To obtain the desired effect quickly, the first 5 days, increase to 15g per 100kg ("loading dose").

(A single dosage that would be suitable for 100% of equines cannot of course be defined:

It is through careful observation of the horse that it is possible to adjust the amount to be given each day for optimal action)

One kilo bucket (21 days cure)

Articulation +

L'articulation+ massage oil is an ointment of care containing Arnica and essential oils for :

- to promote the preparation and muscular recovery linked to the effort.

- a soothing action in case of sustained work or joint sensitivity.


-Macerate ofarnica

-Macerate ofyarrow

-The vegetable oil of Calophyllum inophylus

-The essential oil oflemon eucalyptus

-The essential oil of Gaultheria

-The essential oil of Noble Laurel

-The essential oil of peppermint

These oils are traditionally used to accompany the curative measures put in place for horses subject to: joint and muscle pain, engorgements, soft tares, lameness.

100% of this composition is ofnatural origin.
100% are from theorganic agriculture.

100% transparent composition as for the other products:
No preservatives, additives, dyes, perfumes, silicones, etc

Instructions for use:

Apply the gel by massaging the part to be treated in the direction of the blood reflux (example: from the bottom to the top of the limbs).

Do not use on an open wound.


Bottle of 500 ml

Data sheet

Net weight
1 kg
% Of the product from organic farming:
Main action:
Mode d'emploi
Distribuer seul ou dans la ration. 10g / jour pour 100kg soit 50g par jour pour un cheval moyen de 500kg.
Montez à 15g / jour pour 100kg les premiers jours pour une efficacité rapide. Par la suite, ajustez les quantités en fonction des résultats constatés.
Une cure correspond à environ 3 semaines de plantes + 1 semaine de pause. Ceci doit évidemment être adapté si nécessaire : les besoins sont propres à chaque individu.
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By (Hoerdt , France) on  03 Dec 2022 (ArthriMix 1 Kg) :

Un pack au top !

J’utilise le pack mobilité depuis quasi 1mois et je vois réellement une amélioration chez mon hongre de 15ans . Il est plus délié , mieux dans son corps. Il attend avec impatience sa dose de plantes qu’il mange même hors ration ( le glouton ☺️) et adore les massages à huile Articulation +

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By (Montret, France) on  30 Aug 2021 (ArthriMix 1 Kg) :


super produit et efficace

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