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Online only Echinacea Organic 1 kg

Echinacea Organic 1 kg

Bio Cheval
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The root of Echinacea has antiviral, antibacterial, stimulating the immune system.


THE plant of the immune system!

The numerous constituents of Echinacea are organized for a highly effective immune defense

Echinacea has no toxicity and is recommended at the beginning of winter to prevent infections. It can also be used in period of stress, or physical weakness (disease, convalescence).

Composition :

Echinacea Bio 1 kg

Use :

3 measures per day for a horse of 500 kg


No serious study can demonstrate the risk or absence of risk to pregnancy

As a precaution, it is preferable to choose a mixture containing Echinacea rather than giving it pure during the first months of gestation


Echinacea can help "personalize" a synergy by adding an immunity ally.

Ex: Vita'mix + Echinacea for horses that have been weakened by an illness.

It associates very well with :

- anti-fatigue and anti-caries plants and algae (algae, eleutherococcus, nettle, horsetail, ...) to support sensitive equids

- plants intended to maintain respiratory comfort: mallow, wild thyme, plantain, etc

Our synergies containing Echinacea

Dermix: Internal support for equids prone to itching.

Respimix : Respiratory comfort.

Seniormix : Vitality, health and locomotion of older horses.

Gestamix : Support for broodmares.

Immunemix: Maintenance of immunity

Data sheet

Net weight
1 kg
% Of the product from organic farming:
Volume of packaging:
8 liters
Main action:
Secondary action:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Ask us a question

  • Can we combine several Bio-Cheval supplements?

    It is quite possible to give several products simultaneously.

    - It is preferable in this case to give the plants in several times to promote the effectiveness and reduce the risks of waste. Nevertheless, if you can only give the dose of plants in one go, it is not very serious.

    - You should avoid giving each mixture every other day as this will make them much less useful. 

    Two special cases:  

    - It is not recommended to give full doses if you combine several products with seaweed. That could cause an overdose of iodine. Example: Podomix + Lactamix 

    - If you buy a pure plant and a mixture of plants, it is necessary to make sure that the pure plant does not already appear in the composition of the mixture. 

  • Faut-il donner les plantes en cure ou à l'année ?

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By (Vendresse, France) on  20 May 2021 (Echinacea Organic 1 kg) :

Très bon produit

J'utilise ce produit depuis plusieurs années pour mon cheval qui a un déficit du système immunitaire en raison des mélanomes. Il prend bien l'echinacée et est très en forme ;)

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